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A detailed list of my skills

No matter the industry, if I have a clear goal in mind, I will always find a way to reach it. Any skill necessary for reaching that goal will be acquired along the way. Below is the list of some of the skills that I have acquired so far on my professional journey. List is long and detailed. Use Table of Contents for convenience.

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May 05, 2021 · 5 min

Just do it, already

TL;DR: I am publishing this post to start my blogging journey.

It’s summer in Beijing and it’s 2005. I am staring at the computer screen in my derm room at People’s University of China reading my roommates blog. My finger is scrolling through infinite posts filled with text and images documenting a life of a stranger I met just few days ago. I’ve never seen anyone’s life documented that well before. Hell, he is the first canadian I’ve ever met, yet I already know everything about him at this point. That day in 2005 I decide to start this blog.

I didn’t do crap about starting a blog that day.

16 years later, I am in Shenzhen and it’s 2021. It’s late, I have a mountain of dishes to wash and my wife is calling me to bed. I’ve been following my daily routine like clockwork for weeks and I am about to break it again. Because I am starting a blog for real this time. I am about to start living life more fully by connecting to the whole world through this blog. I am confident and determent.

All that stress and anxiety from not pursuing this goal I set 16 year ago will go away once this post goes online.

I am exited about this journey. I just hope it does not end with this post.

Apr 17, 2021 · 2 min