Thought Reframer

Thought Reframer is an open-source cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) app focused on helping users reframe and restructure unhelpful thoughts. It’s designed to support both personal and professional growth by providing tools that address everyday challenges as well as specific business-related situations. Here’s what the app offers:

  • Privacy and Security: All data is stored locally on your device using IndexedDB, ensuring complete privacy.
  • Offline Accessibility: Fully operational without an internet connection, perfect for uninterrupted access. THIS FEATURE IS WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Thought Logging and Analysis: Log thoughts, identify distortions, and actively reframe them to foster more constructive thinking.
  • Emotional Tracking: Track emotional changes pre- and post-reframing sessions to gauge progress.
  • History and Analytics: Interactive history allows for reviewing and analyzing thought patterns over time.
  • Data Export: Simple functionality to copy all relevant data to the clipboard for easy sharing or backup.

Thought Reframer is tailored for anyone looking to enhance their cognitive agility, aiding in personal resilience and strategic business thinking.

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